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Family Entertainment for Parties & Events

Face Painting - Hand-painted: washes off with soap & water

OPTIONS – Traditional, UV, Vegan, DRY Makeup (for those hot sweaty days!)

· CROWD BUSTER Designs = 25 to 30 faces per hour! Reserved for large events with 50 guests or more. Three hour minimum booking. Line manager required to maintain speed and crowd control.
· FAST designs = 15 to 20 per hour
· FAVE designs = 8 to 12 per hour
· FAB designs = 4 to 6

Manja Warner, Owner/lead artist

Shining Faces Face Painting & More for Parties & Events

How can I help you SHINE?

Face Painting, Balloons, Airbrush...we have an assortment in each service category and we are almost always the hit of the party and huge attraction at events. People of all ages like to get painted or inked and almost everyone loves balloons. They're hard to resist, they're so colorful and cheerful-like! People automatically light up and smile when they see balloons. Can't be helped, I guess :) 

Face Painting – Airbrushed: 

water-resistant & sweat proof, washes off with soap & water

OPTIONS – Traditional, UV, Custom

· ¼ Face Designs = 25 to 30 faces per hour! Reserved for large events with 50 guests or more. Three hour minimum booking. Line manager required to maintain speed and crowd control.
· ½ Face Designs = 8 to 12 per hour
· Full Face Designs = 4 to 6 per hour

Applied to the skin (no faces) using an adhesive stencil, skin-safe body glue, and a wide range of cosmetic grade glitter (over 30 colors) and mica powder (13 colors), and Six (6) UV colors. They are waterproof and will last 3-5 days or more! A great option for those rainy or unpredictable Pacific NW days, hot sweaty weather, pool parties, or anytime you want to give a lasting impression. CUSTOM Designs available upon request!

Airbrush Tattoos: We offer a wide range of options for airbrush tattoos. Read below to learn about the differences.


· BASIC/STANDARD – Traditional self-adhesive stencils. Over 500 designs to choose from! Perfect for all ages, 2+

PRO Line – All New!! Cutting edge airbrush tattoos that look more like REAL tattoos! These are designed for tweens, teens, and adults. Not for children’s parties.

CUSTOM Designs - call to inquire about our custom design options


· HYBRID INKS are Water-Resistant. You can swim with them and they won’t run off, but it will wash off with soap and water. They may last a few days, but will not hold up nearly as well as an alcohol based ink. However, Hybrids are safe to use on the face! Perfect for tweens, teens, sports fans, school events, etc.
· ALCOHOL BASED INKS are Water-Proof, will last for days, but can come off easily with rubbing alcohol or oil. These are NOT recommended for use on the face! They’re perfect anytime you want something that will hold up well and last awhile.
· UV INKS – either hybrid or alcohol based. A bit more spendy than traditional colors. Contact for current pricing.

· MONOCHROME – ONE Color (usually black)
· COLOR – Up to SIX Colors (including black)
· UV – black light tattoos! call for current pricing

BALLOONS - Twisting & Decor

    Balloon Twisting - On Site

    Balloons - Delivery

    Balloon Decor



        Trees (Clusters)

        Table Decor

        Other Decor

    Balloon Bouquets

    Balloon Candy Cups

    Water Balloon Yo-Yo's

Pre-Natal Belly Painting - Baby Bump Painting 

Body Art - call to inquire about your custom body painting needs

   Glitter/Mica Tattoos: 


We love doing fairs and festivals of all kinds.  We've done music festivals, county fairs, street fairs, art fairs, art festivals, beer festivals, cider festivals, farmer's markets, art walks, art shows, harvest festivals, cherry festivals, blossom festivals, and so much more.

We take pride in our booth set up. We take pride in representing our respective venues.  If you want someone who cares about promoting your event and represent you well, give us a call!  If you want someone who LOVES what they do and shares their joy with your customer base, give us a call!