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Our Glitter Tattoos are also done with FDA approved products, specifically designed for safe use on skin… never craft glue or glitter!
While searching for a face painter, please ask what products are being used.  If they say, “We only use ‘NON-TOXIC’ paints” but do not specify that it is “cosmetic grade and in compliance with FDA regulations for use on the skin”, find someone else who can serve your needs.  “Non-toxic”, does not necessarily mean safe for use on the skin.  PLEASE - Do Not hire them if they use acrylic based paints, markers, poster paints, etc.!
When you come across a face painter at any event… ALWAYS ASK what kind of paint they are using before allowing them to paint on your skin!  We have seen all sorts of products used for “face paints”, that are not meant for use on humans (wood, glass, or metal maybe… but not human skin!), including acrylic poster paints and markers! 
TOXINS & SKIN/BLOOD/CELLS:  Our skin is our largest organ.  It acts as a sponge, soaking up everything we put on it and then it goes directly into our bloodstream and circulates through our cells and other vital organs, including our brains.  Acrylics and other chemicals found in common craft paints/pens are simply not a good thing to put into our bloodstream. 
EYE DAMAGE:  The difference in craft and skin safe glitters is HOW they are made and WHAT they are made of.  Glitter that is not specifically made for safe use on the skin ISN'T SAFE for use on the skin.  If it isn't labeled COSMETIC GRADE, then it should not be used as such.  It can result in PERMANENT EYE DAMAGE.


We train each of our artists to use safe hygiene practices. This includes sanitation procedures for tools and materials, as well as avoiding the spread of germs from client-to-client.   
PLEASE NOTE:  We do not paint on or near open sores, scratches, cold sores, or acne.  We do not paint on anyone with visible signs of a contagious disease or illness, such as runny nose or eyes, or persistent cough.  Our painter may offer to paint on the hand or arm, at his/her discretion if any of the above is evident. 

SENSITIVE SKIN?  We are not limited to artful expression on the face.  If a model tells us they have really sensitive skin, we will offer to do something on less sensitive areas - typically the arm, chest, or leg.  We will also be offering a variety of hair bling soon!  

For safety reasons, our models must be at least 2 years old.

****We make it a rule not to force paint on a reluctant child.*****

If a child is reluctant to be painted on, we'll offer to do something small on their hand or arm.  But if a child does not want to be painted, we respect that and will not press it, no matter how long parents have waited in line.  Our goal is for every child to have a positive experience and to always look forward to their "next time".  For children who are "not ready" to take the plunge just yet, our artist may offer a sticker or gemstone to take with them instead.