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Removal Instructions


Face Paint is not really "paint", it's makeup.  The face paints we use to brush and sponge with are water activated and wash off easily with a bit of soap and water.  Smaller designs are sometimes able to wipe away with a baby wipe, but typically it takes some lather to "lift" the makeup from the skin.

The most effective way to remove the makeup from the skin is to apply liquid soap (I use shampoo) directly to the painted area and add just a tad bit of water in order to work it up into a murky lather BEFORE trying to rinse anything away.  Do not begin by wiping the painted area.  Wiping will push the paint into the pores and make it more difficult to remove.

Work the paint into a lather to LIFT it from the skin, then rinse with water using your hands. Remember that cosmetics of all kinds will stain fabric, so only use a dark colored washcloth, if any. If using a cloth, LATHER first, then as you wipe, sort of ROLL the cloth in outward direction as to LIFT the makeup away from the skin.  In other words, don't just wipe it across the skin or you will force the makeup into the pores.

Different types of skin act differently.  Dryer skin or larger pores will "hold" the pigment more.  So, if there is any residual pigment after the initial cleaning, simply repeat the steps above.  Work up a good LATHER & RINSE.  Some colors are more pigmented than others and may appear to "stain" the skin on some people.  In that case, apply some moisturizing lotion or oil and allow to sit for 15-30 minutes, then repeat lather and rinse.  

For pool parties or occasions when more staying power is required, we use a Hybrid cosmetic grade face and body paint, designed to hold up under many conditions including water, sweat, heat, and some friction.  The Hybrids are water resistant and will last up to 3 days. Perfect for pool parties, theater, modeling, or anytime you might be "rubbing" elbows or working up a sweat - such as a wedding, concert, dance party, or rollerskating.

Removal is easy with liquid soap and water... it just takes a little more lathering and "lifting" action.  FIRST work liquid soap into painted area with fingertips in circular motion. Once makeup begins to loosen from skin, go ahead and wipe away with dark colored cloth or rinse with water.  Repeat if necessary.  :)  For full body art, a bath scrunchie is your friend.  Again - lotion or oils will help break things down if the soap and water isn't doing the trick.

Our professional airbrush tattoo ink is a cosmetic grade alcohol based ink specifically formulated for safe use on the skin.  It can last a week or more depending on the placement, skin type, and aftercare.  To remove, simply use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol.  

We use PROSAID, a medical grade adhesive to apply the glitter and/or mica tattoos as well as gemstones and light prosthetics.  Rubbing Alcohol, lotion, or oil will break it down.  I've been told that sunscreen works really well to break down the adhesive.