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Whether you want some simple balloon twisting as a birthday party add-on, some colorful decorations, centerpieces, columns, arches, balloon trees, or goody cups... we can make your loony balloony dreams come true!  We work with some of the best balloon artists in the country, so the sky is the limit! 

Call (541) 380-0347 to discuss your vision and 


Our balloons are made from latex and are 100% biodegradable!  The only exception is the occasional mylar (also called "foil") balloon topper which you are familiar with.  Those come in many shapes, designs, and sizes.  We do not carry mylar in stock but have suppliers that can get them to us within a few days of our request.

Balloons appeal to people of all ages, but they do pose a choking hazard to children and pets, so please keep a watchful eye on them and if they should pop (because... they're balloons and balloons do pop sometimes), be sure to collect and dispose of all the pieces. ;)  

DO YOU DELIVER?  Yes, we do!  We have balloon artists in Hood River, Portland, Vancouver, and Beaverton.  If you're within 20 miles of an artist, there's just a $2.00 delivery fee, or FREE pickup at Rosauers ;)  If you are outside of those areas, there may be additional travel fees, so just ask and we'll be happy to give you a quote before you purchase anything.

Do you have Helium filled balloons?  Yes, we do! As of 2/6/15 we now have helium! So, stay tuned for some exciting helium filled balloon creations! Custom bouquets, balloon trees, arches are available now.  Pictures coming soon!! 

Here's a fun balloon castle design that can be made into countless themes. 
Frozen ~ Princess ~ Pirate ~ Happy Birthday ~ Clowns & more! 

This one is about 36" wide x 32" tall

Put a twist on your Valentine's Day gifts this year!
Chocolate and Roses are a classic sure to please any girl.


We also have countless whimsical designs for party decorations, office gifts, and the fun at heart :)

My lovely assistant, Olivia. She delivers!

Here's a sample of a First Birthday Party Package


  Here's a fun Jungle Themed Birthday party for a 9 year old
Not pictured are the Wild Animal centerpieces and the Banana Trees

Here is a 6 foot Santa at Rosauers in hood river, or


festive column at The taqueria on the heights in hood river, oregon


Here are just a few examples of fun little balloon creations, but the possibilities are unlimited! 


 Balloon Goody Cups are so fun to give and receive!  They make great gifts and party favors.  They can double as decorations or centerpieces.
There are endless cup toppers to choose from, limited only by our imagination.  Just ask!
We can fill them for you or you can fill them with whatever you like... candy, small toys, gift cards, or even an engagement ring!  
Lol... no, don't. Well, maybe. But don't tell her I suggested it.