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Artist Bios & Awards

Manja Warner & Rhea Flores

Manja Warner - owner and premier face painter, body artist, balloon twister, airbrush and glitter tattoo specialist of Shining Faces ~ Face Painting & More! based in Hood River, Oregon.  Manja has been painting on human canvases for 12 years now.

Manja's team won FIRST PLACE in an international body painting competition November, 2014.  The team was lead by a world renowned artist, Christina Davison.  (See photos to the right.)

Manja can face paint 20-30 AMAZING FAST FACE DESIGNS per hour - but this is for large scale crowds only and it is definitely not the funnest way to provide a face painting experience because we have to move so FAST!

Manja can face paint 6-15 FANTASTIC FULL FACE DESIGNS per hour, depending on complexity

Manja can add special details and extra bling to any design to take it up to a higher level for those occasions when the client wants to go all out.

She tailors her designs to meet the needs of her client and/or venue. Whether she is doing high volume speed painting or in-depth fancy face painting, Manja is skilled at matching the design to each individual ensuring a unique and memorable experience for everyone.

She can create the perfect menu board for your event or work on the fly, bringing surprise and wonder to the crowd with each new face she paints. Her favorite opening line is, "Let me surprise you!" and pretty soon people are saying, "Oh my gosh... let her surprise you! She is amazing at matching her designs to each person!"

Manja knows that her brush strokes have an impact and leave a lasting impression on the heart and mind of every person she paints. She knows that she is in the business of creating lasting memories. It is her purpose to help make every face, heart, and mind SHINE when they leave her chair.

Manja's motto, heart, passion, and mission is:

Creating SHINING FACES Wherever We Go!

Contact Manja 541-380-0347; email: manja@shiningfaces.com; Like her on facebook

Serving Portland, Vancouver, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Wilsonville, Woodburn, Gresham, Troutdale, Hood River, The Dalles, Troutlake, White Salmon, Bingen, Stevenson and beyond!

Manja will travel anywhere her client wants to send her.

Rhea Flores - owner and premier face painter and glitter tattoo specialist of Dazzling Disguises, Moses Lake, Washington. Rhea and Manja have worked together for several years. They team up on large events and collaborate on many aspects of their respective businesses. Rhea is working on developing her website. Meanwhile, you can find her here on facebook

Serving Moses Lake, Kennewick, Richland, Othello, and beyond.

Rhea will travel anywhere her client wants to send her.

International Instructor/Student Body Painting Challenge FPBA 2014

The TEAM:  
Instructor: Christina Davison
From left to right: Chantal, Manja, Christina, Janice, Roxanne

The Team from left to right: Roxanne (front), Janice (back), Manja, Maria (model), Chantal, Christina (instructor)